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About us

INDIK helps you create the finest IT, cybersecurity and risk management dashboards, with its revolutionary process that allows you to quickly visualize, easily understand and share data with minimum effort.

INDIK’s proprietary Knowledge Database”  was created with the expertise garnered from 30 years' experience and hundreds of mandates working on IT, cybersecurity and risk management projects. The Knowledge Database contains metric categories and dashboard templates designed specially to address these issues, thereby reducing time, effort and costs while producing clear and actionable steps for your company.


Our history

Created in 2000, SecurEcom Services Conseils has made its mark by supporting clients over the last 17 years in various sectors, both in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada and in the United States.

A team of experts in risk management related to information and technology security. We support organizations to protect their data, applications and technology infrastructure and help them manage their risks

Over the years, SecurEcom has accumulated solid experience in analysis and dashboard design. In 2014, SecurEcom added a the new division offering specialized services to assist clients in the design and implementation of dashboards required for decision-making by senior management.

SecurEcom has designed the INDIK dashboard product that enables the production of high-performance dashboards that meet management, operational or technology needs. In this way, clients are able to make informed decisions and intervene pragmatically while reducing risk and ensuring the security of their information.