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Alain Scherrer, President

ALAIN SCHERRER has over 30 years of core experience in IT, IT security, cyber security, risk management and the optimization of enterprise solutions. He is an established expert in the industry and is recognized for having played key roles in organizations known for their strategic projects.

In 2000, he founded SecurEcom Consulting to support organizations in protecting their data, applications and infrastructure, helping them define their cyber security and manage their risk.

Over the past 18 years, he and his team of highly skilled experts in IT, IT security, and cyber security and risk management have supported clients in Quebec, Canada and the United States.

During his work as a managing partner of SecurEcom, he has had the opportunity to accompany and advise numerous business leaders in the areas of governance, security and risk management.

SecurEcom has worked with prominent clients operating in the telecommunications, banking, transportation, insurance, energy, technologies, government and public sectors, assisting senior leadership in the restructuring of their IT, IT security, cyber security and IT risk management projects.


Richard LaRue, Corporate Counsel

Richard LaRue has been serving as legal advisor to SecurEcom since 2010. He is in charge of contractual aspects, licence management, registered trademarks in Canada and the United States as well as intellectual property rights related to our products, including our INDIK TM product.

Maitre LaRue practised with the firm Stikeman Elliott LLP from 1982 to 1991, and then with Lafleur Brown (now Gowlings) at their Brussels office from 1991 to 1997. He has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 1983, an associate member of the Brussels Bar since 1994, and a member of the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec since 1982. He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, a member of the International Bar Association (IBA), an associate member of the American Bar Association and a member of the Association of Corporate Counsel of America (Northeast Chapter). In 2008, he obtained the designation of IBA Fellow in International Professional Practice (a title awarded in partnership with the College of Law of England and Wales). He also works on mandates for the European law firm DBB Law in Brussels. Maitre LaRue graduated from Université Laval in business administration (finance) and law.

His expertise in the technology industry is a major asset to our organization’s growth.


Douglas Cameron, Director of Marketing

Douglas Cameron has more than 20 years’ experience managing the marketing and brand strategies of major companies in a variety of industries. He is recognized for having directed creative teams, multimedia divisions and corporate communication services. His experience and success in the design and orchestration of marketing campaigns, deployment and support for expansion into new markets extends across North America and Europe.

A leader in technology watch and new market development strategies, Mr. Cameron supports our product launch activities. He brings his experience in public relations and his extensive network of contacts to oversee our communications strategy with prominent firms and the development of partnerships to bolster expansion of the INDIK TM trademark.

Innovative and excelling in the management of new communication media, he continues to successfully develop the organization’s digital communication channels.


Alain Plamondon, Business Analyst

Holding a Master’s in Management, Alain Plamondon has more than 18 years’ experience in Internet-related information technology and applications development. He serves as senior analyst (business and functions), testing coordinator, and coordinator of the analysis team for INDIK TM development.

Mr. Plamondon joined SecurEcom in 2015 to participate in defining and designing our INDIKTM dashboard product. As a business analyst, he participated in developing the vision of functionalities for diverse types of clients and key market sectors. In addition, he plays a leading role in the analysis and acceptance tests for the product’s different versions. He also works on INDIKTM dashboard implementation mandates.

He has contributed to the development of numerous transactional Internet/Intranet sites using large-scale data bases and to CRM implementation. His ability to quickly grasp the client’s business processes, combined with his detail-oriented analyses, enables him to reconcile the needs of different management groups. His goal is always client satisfaction and results, according to the project’s specifications.

Over the years, Mr. Plamondon has worked for several major organizations such as the National Bank of Canada, Aéroports de Montréal, the Quebec government’s Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés, Hydro-Québec, Videotron and the City of Montreal. He also played an active role in drafting work procedures and templates, ISO Web standards and new methodologies.

Stéphane Gingras, Director of Operations and Development

A seasoned manager, Mr. Gingras has over 25 years’ experience in computers as well as in operations, development and project management. He has overseen the management, development and evolution of many complex applications, including the health application of Telus Canada. He excels both in project management as a whole and in the specific areas of applications development, evolution and support as well as resources management.

Mr. Gingras has played a key role in the analysis, design and orchestration of the project’s development. As Director of Operations and Development, he is responsible for the management, evolution and maintenance of INDIK TM dashboards. He oversees management of the INDIK TM application’s production modules, planning and evolution of product versions, the development team, testing, as well as deployment of new versions and patches.

Mr. Gingras grasps clients’ evolving needs and responds with technologically orientated solutions. He makes sure our products meet the exacting standards of quality, reliability and sturdiness established by SecurEcom.