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Automation, schedules and notification

INDIK takes care of producing the dashboards according to the determined frequency, whether it be monthly, quarterly, annually, or other. INDIK oversees and follows up on each step of the workflow automatically.

It tracks people’s contributions by means of a calendar, the list of tasks, and the designated people in charge of each activity. When a deadline is missed or an activity not completed, INDIK automatically sends out an alert. It also generates progress and error reports. At any moment you can see where you are in the production of the dashboard and make adjustments so that the dashboard will be completed on time.

The business intelligence assembled over time fosters the correlation of data as well as analysis of comparative elements or inputs for future dashboards. This data can also be used to make adjustments to a dashboard’s configuration.


You have all the history

All actions executed in the production of the dashboard are logged and used in our audit module for future reference and to generate reports.

In addition, INDIK is equipped with a library where all objects generated are saved. This history of inputs, metrics and dashboards can be consulted to assess progress, changes, trends and behaviours.