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SecureEcom’s experts have carried out more than one hundred mandates helping companies choose the most pertinent metrics (KPIs) according to their type of activity, their risk tolerance and their specific objectives.

Using our QUALIF methodology, our experienced coaches can lead work sessions in order to optimize the qualification and selection of metrics that will most accurately reveal the business reality of each function or service. Our specialists have all the skills to validate the work and to analyze the business intelligence. They are highly valued for their extensive knowledge and attentive ear.


Type of mandates

  • Audit of the dashboards of a VP or department to determine the quality of the metrics according to the department’s activities, risks and objectives

  • Training sessions on the method, tools, positioning and work required to qualify and select metrics and to design dashboards

  • Coaching by means of work sessions using the QUALIF methodology

  • Analysis and correlation of data and business intelligence