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Our dashboard experts have accompanied many teams from small, medium-sized and large businesses in refining and selecting the most appropriate metrics for their dashboards. They are also able to support you in setting up and distributing INDIK dashboards for your management, operating or technology activities.

Would you like to raise the level of your dashboards to their optimum? Our specialists can accompany you throughout the process to ensure the highest performance of your dashboards and to accelerate their design and distribution.


Some of the main services we offer include:

  • Training sessions on the method, tools, positioning and work required to qualify and select metrics and to design dashboards

  • Coaching by means of work sessions using the QUALIF methodology:

    • Qualification of metrics

    • Selection of metrics

    • Choice of formats and dashboards to be produced

  • Audit of existing dashboards or those under development in order to propose improvements or adjustments

  • Review of existing dashboards and metrics already selected and formulation of recommendations

  • Analysis and correlation of data and business intelligence