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an integrated vision of all security projects




address, control and measure risk categories


necessary adjustments quickly and easily


clear status of work progress


in a proactive manner to manage risk and cybersecurity


INDIK, top-notch dashboards to manage your business risk

Finding a balance between an organization’s level of risk management and its “risk appetite” (the degree of risk that is acceptable) is essential. All risk management activities are subject to this sometimes precarious balance. That’s why effective business risk management requires meticulous monitoring and control of activities. It is imperative to identify each category with precision. These categories must be perfectly controlled, measured and tracked in order to maintain this critical balance.

INDIK’s engineers, who are all SecureEcom experts, possess solid expertise in business risk management. This is an indisputable asset. This aspect of risk management represents a huge challenge for organizations: how do you protect operations without interfering with or hindering their performance?

INDIK-generated dashboards supply the metrics (KPIs) that allow for proactive and judicious management of business risk.