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INDIK favours quality over quantity

The success of INDIK-generated dashboards lies in the rigorous selection of the information that is KEY to achieving specific objectives, whether in terms of management, operations or technology. The information is chosen according to the critical assets of an organization and its tolerance of risk (“risk appetite”).


INDIK dashboards, based on high-quality, precise and validated metrics

  • An accurate and explicit view of the organization’s current reality, without the clutter, so as to be able to:

    • Take the pulse of your business, all sectors included

    • Determine, measure and monitor your business risk

    • Plan, address and control all aspects of your company’s cybersecurity

  • Information customized to the specific needs of each level of the organization

  • Informed decision-making, justified by pertinent information

  • Automatic follow-up of projects, actions and responsibilities

  • Action or activity relating to each objective targeted

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