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Design dashboards with a minimum of effort!

INDIK's exceptional knowledge database can be used to create and generate metrics based on predefined categories. Then, the library of templates facilitates the automation and customization of the dashboard through its various preconfigured models.

With the Knowledge Database, there is no need to redefine what already exists or to start from scratch. Instead, you can focus on enhancing your metrics over time and with experience. INDIK’s knowledge database contains several categories of metrics and dashboard templates, organized by field of activity

Greatly simplify the selection and monitoring of metrics

Based on a set of over 100 parameters, the metrics are defined, calculated using an algorithm, and then presented according to a set of elements that analyzes and determines the display format. The metrics can be computed according to a combination of inputs to produce a more refined, precise result

Choose from an existing format according to the objectives, content and target audience. The display format and presentation of the metrics are influenced and dictated by a series of parameters.

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